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The Chosen 2020-2023


Christmas With the Campbell 2022

Falling for Christmas 2022

Studio C 2020-2023

Hallmark-Holly and Ivy 2020

Hallmark- Love Fall and Order 2019

Dwight in Shining Armor 2018

The Book Of Mormon 2017-2023

Commercials for Petco, M&M, Wells Fargo, Purina, McDonalds, CVS and more 2019- 2023

The Stray -Summer 2016
Six Below -Spring 2016
Mythica 5 -December 2015
The Jade Pendant -Fall 2015
Monolith -Summer 2015
Young Jesus Christ- With LDS Church 2015
Being Charlie-Assisted R and G Horse and Wagon
Bridge-Employee engagement commercial 2015
Bearing your burdens with hope -Dec 2014
Missionairy Training videos- Assisted R and G 2014
New Testament- Life of Jesus Christ-Assisted R and G Horse and Wagon 2009-2012
The Work and the Glory 1-3 Mike Brown wrangled for R and G

Dwight in Shining Armor

Robert Duvall and Luciana with the Brown family

Mythica 5

Jade Pendant