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Film Experience

Our animals have the seasoned experience to tackle any role.


We offer a variety of equine and canine talent with exceptional skills and easy to work with temperment.


Always ready and able to dress in costume for filming needs.

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Mike & Brandice Brown

Performance Animals

Mike & Brandice Brown are known for their well trained dogs and livestock in both film circles and the show ring. They strive to produce quality Futurity and Derby horses, winning herding dogs, and organically raised sheep and cattle. The Brown’s spend many hours daily with all of their animals training, handling, and preparing for film projects.


We come to set prepared with trained, gentle animals that will bring authenticity to your project.

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The Chosen Season 2

Book of Mormon season 1-5

Studio C 2019- 2021

The Stray
Six Below
Mythica 5
The Jade Pendant
Monolith -Summer 2015
Young Jesus Christ- With LDS Church 2015
Being Charlie-Assisted R and G Horse and Wagon
Bridge-Employee engagement commercial 2015
Bearing your burdens with hope -Dec 2014
Missionairy Training videos- Assisted R and G 2014
New Testament- Life of Jesus Christ-Assisted R and G Horse and Wagon 2009-2012
The Work and the Glory 1-3 Mike Brown wrangled for R and G

Plus many more commercials and short films.